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BASIS is a socially responsible corporation working in the areas of green affordable housing and community development. We at BASIS think environmental and social accountability are as fundamental as making a profit. In fact, they go hand in hand. From the development of low-cost housing to community markets, we take a conservative approach to ensure superior investment and ownership opportunities while employing the latest in sustainable and green technologies.
Our vision is to create and support eco-friendly, sustainable property developments in Panama that maximize profit for our investors and strengthen communities for our neighbors. With the goal to improve the standard of living in the inner city, in Panama our main focus is to help resolve the area’s growing workforce and lower-middle-income housing. Along with innovative housing concepts, we have begun research and development for a community marketplace that will serve as a community anchor and catalyst for real estate development.

Making a Difference in our Community

Housing Innovation

Community Development

Affordable Housing

Set to begin construction in late 2015, PH Casco View is an innovative project providing affordable housing options to the greater Casco Antiguo area of Panama City. The 136 unit, mixed-use project is in the heart of the city and a few steps from the historical neighborhood San Felipe, the new Metro station and public parks and green spaces.
BASIS is committed to carrying out social investments that create both a profit for investors and opportunities to improve the quality of life in the communities where we work. We work closely with community development organizations to ensure equitable growth and opportunities.
BASIS has begun affordable green housing addressing the critical housing needs in and around Panama’s urban core. Our mission is to introduce and revolutionize the affordable housing market with well-designed, green infrastructures and living spaces.

Alternative Energy

At BASIS International, utilizing alternative energy is a core focus. From affordable green housing projects and materials to sustainable community market places, alternative energy is a vital thread running through all our investments. Our aim is to depend on sustainable energy systems - solar, wind or biofuels – and support developments that are as energy efficient as possible.nnStudying the use of solar technologies in our projects is one step. Forward thinking designs and use of solar panels for residential housing will ease the burden on the electrical grid and, over time, lower a household’s energy bill. Look for bio and alternative energy to be a foundation of all our ventures.

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